DO IT TODAY: Rocky Horror Shadow Cast

Our lovely friends at KCP are putting on yet another shadow cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. While the tickets are officially sold out, our guess is that you can grab a blanket and post up right outside of the New Apt tennis courts. It’ll be a great time, so dress up and go do that at 10 pm tonight and tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 27th @ 10pm

Wednesday, April 28th @ 10pm

Ten O’clock List: Ways to Pass Time During Quiet Period

You might have seen the horror movie A Quiet Place, the one where if you make a sound, monsters can hear you and hunt you down. Well if you haven’t, there’s no need to; you’re already living it. Between the Prison Visitor Center (Aka Peirce) and your socially distanced, masked, blindfolded, and outdoor history lecture, Quiet Period can feel like a horror movie. Here are a few ways to pass the time.

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