Kenyon Conspiracy Theories: The Writing on the Wall

I'm pretty sure this is copyright legal because I made it myself on Microsoft Word

I’m pretty sure this is copyright legal because I made it myself on Microsoft Word

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Previously, on Kenyon Conspiracies:

So here’s what we know. At some point in Kenyon’s past, most likely some time after 1980 when Agnew’s book was released, someone wrote “Agnew was framed” in a study carrel. That person was probably around 5’8” judging by the angle at which the message was written, and how it was written kind of sloppily…

I kept coming back to that word: recognition. It was what seemed to drive all of [Spiro] Agnew’s actions, and if you think about it, it might have been what the student was looking for when they wrote “Agnew was framed” in scratchy black pen…

[Lady Gertrude] Agnew was painted while sitting in an 18th century French bergère, and according to reports from Wikipedia, the painting brought Lady Agnew more than a little bit of prestige. So much prestige, in fact, that it only makes sense: Lady Agnew of Lochnaw was framed.

Of course, yeah, I've totally drawn conclusions at this point...

Of course, yeah, I’ve totally drawn conclusions at this point…

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My Elementary School Journals: A Kenyon Story

My Fifth Grade graduation was a grand event. I remember that I specially matched my braces to my blue chiffon dress for the occasion. An alum returned from the High School, to make us feel small and bestow upon us values that I can’t really remember. In fact, throughout the excessive 2 and half hour ceremony, I don’t think I remember anything that was said. All that I remember is the weird sweaty smell of the gymnasium, and convincing myself that I needed to feel sentimental as I embarked upon my new middle school adventure. A full decade later, I still don’t know how to feel about graduation. I’ve lived about as far ahead as my young mind at that time could comprehend, but part of me wonders what my eleven year old self understood about the future that I may have since forgotten. Here are some young minds of Kenyon College before they graduated elementary school, wondering about the future and writing about the present and past, teaching us all through their carefree innocence:

Gray Clark ’17, History and Russian Area Studies: First Grade

IMG_6715 (1)

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Seniors Reminisce: Food for Thought

It may not be Peirce's birthday anymore, but we can still learn from the wisdom of its age. (artwork by Emma Specter '15)

It may not be Peirce’s 85th birthday anymore, but we can still learn from the wisdom of its age. (artwork by Emma Specter ’15)

As I look back at my time here at Kenyon, I think about Peirce. I think about how maybe 75% of my overall time here has been spent at Peirce. If I played a meaningful montage of my college experience, it would probably just be a repeat scene of me laughing with friends in Peirce.* And while you might think that today’s Peirce is just the same as it always has been, then Think Again. Peirce Hall has grown with us over the years, so this is an homage to dishes gone by:

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Humans on the Hill: Relay for Life Edition

In case you think that all the purple around campus this week has something to do with a second homecoming or beating Denison at a sport, this week’s Humans on the Hill highlights Purple Pride Week and the Relay for Life Committee as they get ready for the main event at the KAC from 12 pm-12am on Saturday, April 11.

Relay for life 4

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Kenyon Conspiracy Theories: “Lady Agnew of Lochnaw”

what about lady agnew of lochnaw

This picture is like the Inception of two things I might not technically have the copyright for.

Previously, on Kenyon Conspiracies:

In his book, “Go Quietly…Or Else”, Agnew insisted that he had been threatened by the White House to step down, in order to save face for President Nixon…

Maybe the student didn’t even care about Agnew’s testimonial plea hoping that someone…anyone, might believe that he is innocent. Maybe the student was just looking for attention when they wrote, “Agnew was framed.” Maybe they had comps due and they were severely procrastinating. Maybe this, maybe that…

From The Kenyon Thrill and Wiggin Street Coffee in Gambier, Ohio, it’s Kenyon Conspiracy Theories: one story told every once in a while. I’m Mary Alice Jackson.

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