Where’s It At?

Wow, here it is. The last Where’s It At for now. How climactic.

7:00 tonight: Kokosingers in Rosse, I hope you already knew…

8:00 tonight and tomorrow in the Bingbong (Bolton): dance concert. I sure hope you have tickets.

9:00 tonight: You go home,  and you start studying for finals.

9:00 tomorrow night in Philo: Fools on The Hill. They’re okay.


Where’s It At?

Lewis wouldn’t allow me to film him when he not longer was on company time (i.e. his vacation hours are unpaid.) But there’s nothing happening anyway so I don’t think it will be bad necessarily.

Have a nice Spring Break. When we come back, we’ll be launching a GoFundMe in order to buy a tripod for my cell phone so that the upcoming videos will be higher quality/higher vantage point, as the tripod I am trying to buy can extend up to six feet.