Investigative Journalism: Where Is Everyone?

Unforgiven VR on Twitter: "You know what? The classic Old West tumbleweed  is really a bit more Eastern... from Russia!… "
I recently learned tumbleweeds are real plants and do not exist only in cartoons! Here’s a picture of one on Middle Path around 6:15 pm.

Maybe I just go to Peirce in the off-hours, but I’ve noticed a pattern when walking down Chase Ave to get my meals. There’s never anyone else out in the evening, regardless of the weather. Where is everyone?

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Reaccreditation Team Impressed by Kenyon’s New Traveling Circus

Welcome back to The Thrill, Kenyon’s most trusted source for campus news. Last week, the team of college faculty that came to accredit our humble little school was pleasantly surprised by the traveling circus established specifically for the occasion. A group of Kenyon dance majors was sent to the Royal Tampa Academy of Dramatic Tricks for the week leading up to the big event, subsidized by Allison Janney ‘82, who is currently reprising her role as C.J. Cregg in The West Wing in real life as Press Secretary Jen Psaki. 

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