The Thrill Staff Shares our Screen Time Totals

Ah, blue light. Those sweet, short diodes that bake our retinas in a numb glaze. Quar has exposed us to more of it than ever, through remote classes, meetings, jobs, “happy hours” if you kept doing that after last May. Even here at the Thrill, where we’re known for being obnoxiously online, we’re getting a liiiiiiiiitle tired of being on our screens all day.

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Happy anniversary covid :)

Wowee. Just to think. One year ago today we were halfway through spring break freaking out cause the 6 p.m. Gambier coach was all booked. (Side thought, is the coach running this year? Do first-years know about the coach?) Actually literally one year ago today the University of Washington announced they were closing their campus for the rest of the semester and we were all like “dang, that sucks, glad I don’t go to that school.”


Anyways, happy 1 year! The traditional first anniversary gift is paper. (Side thought again, who came up with that?) What paper gifts are you getting? I’m buying surgical masks. Close enough!

Where’s It At? Rebecca Black’s 10th Anniversary “Friday (Remix)”

It’s Rebecca Black’s weekend and we’re just living in it.

I, like so many of my fellow zillenials, remember precisely where I was when I first heard about the viral YouTube sensation “Friday”: My middle school auditorium, practicing an audition sequence for the year’s musical production of Beauty and the Beast. I remember being forced, against my will, to stop rehearsing and watch the video on some rich kid’s iPhone.

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Seth Lockwood Pitches that Never Became Posts But Should Be Shared Anyways

“This is me. This is who I am,” said Seth, via GroupMe

Seth Lockwood is a rebel and a prince. You know him from such posts as New Musical: The Cup Song and Top Five Unconventional and Unexpected Roles to Play in my Burgeoning Kenyon iCarly Roleplay Group.

Seth routinely contributes pitches that make no damn sense as posts, but make us piss our pants nonetheless. So, in no particular order, here are some of his best from the semester.

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