It’s Time to End the Pointless, Deadly Use of Hay At the Community Feast

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The Community Feast was held Friday, that beloved back-to-school tradition during which students, faculty, and children (not counting students) share laughter, stories, and a hearty midwestern meal along Middle Path. There is pie, there is corn, there are bales of hay for people to sit on. It is a lovely tradition. Or so I’m told. Continue reading

The Sophomore Flex: Reflecting on a Year of Being Extra

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It started with a tweet.

“Good morning girls and gays,” wrote @ehjovan at 11:38 a.m. on 8/18/18. I was at least one of those things. I kept reading.

“today we do whatever we want… let’s risk it all for attention… god might not remember us but men will never forget.”

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I Drank 10 SToK Caffeine Shots Just To See What Would Happen



I, Elinor Davis Melick, am SOLELY responsible for my own bad decisions. The Thrill is not liable for any adverse health effects I may experience as a result of this experiment, and The Thrill staff in no way endorses or condones excessive caffeine consumption, not even for the sake of content. Continue reading