It’s Time to End the Pointless, Deadly Use of Hay At the Community Feast

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The Community Feast was held Friday, that beloved back-to-school tradition during which students, faculty, and children (not counting students) share laughter, stories, and a hearty midwestern meal along Middle Path. There is pie, there is corn, there are bales of hay for people to sit on. It is a lovely tradition. Or so I’m told. Continue reading

The Sophomore Flex: Reflecting on a Year of Being Extra

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It started with a tweet.

“Good morning girls and gays,” wrote @ehjovan at 11:38 a.m. on 8/18/18. I was at least one of those things. I kept reading.

“today we do whatever we want… let’s risk it all for attention… god might not remember us but men will never forget.”

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