Tips On Not Getting An Internship

lol @ internships

Summer is fast approaching, and nobody will shut up about internships. Yes, they are important and all that jazz, but come on. You know all you want to do is spend the summer poolside and/or on your couch watching Netflix. When your parents come asking about your progress in applying for your unpaid internship, here are some tips to rendering your application useless while still feigning interest and progress. Continue reading

I Heard It Through The (First-Year) Grapevine

One of the worst things about entering my first year of college this past fall was the feeling that there was so much I needed to know, yet very few ways to find it out that my cluttered mind could make sense of. Clearly I wasn’t the only first-year feeling anxious, because by the time we got acclimated to orientation, misinformation in the form of ridiculous rumors was spreading like wildfire. Continue reading

How To Be A Person: Spring-Break Flight Etiquette

We are so close to Spring Break, guys. As long as we don’t keel over from stress and boredom this week, we’ll be binge-watching a new show on Netflix by this time next Monday. But first, we have to traverse one of several mediums of travel. If you are lucky enough to live close to Gambier, consider yourself blessed. Airports suck. But here’s how to make them suck a little less — AKA How to Airport.

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Inside the Artist’s Sketchbook: Sandy Stibitz ’14

This feature was conceived as a foray into the hearts/minds of Kenyon’s finest artists through the pages of their sketchbooks. This week, we talk with Sandy Stibitz ’14, an American Studies major/Studio Art minor.


Despite the title of this series, you can see a lot of character from the outside of this artist’s sketchbook. She gave me an outside and inside look at two of her sketchbooks, worn and torn from love and use.

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Living Your Private Life in Public: TV at Kenyon

old tv

There’s a reason college students love television — On the micro level, TV shows are easy to squeeze  in between classes. On the macro level, they offer the same emotional attachment as a movie, but often to a deeper and more personal extent. But in our little world on the hill, where can we watch our shows? It’s a little embarrassing to ugly-cry in front of your roommate because of what happened in the Legend of Korra Book 2 finale episode, but then again, it’s also pretty embarrassing to do it alone in Lower Dempsey. Continue reading