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Liveblog: The Kenyon Hunger Games

Well, Kenyon, it’s already a bloodbath. I’m speaking to you from the steps of Rosse Hall, where I am witnessing a large crowd of dead tributes gathering. Today, we at The Thrill will, in addition to sponsoring Kenneth Fedorko ’13, be liveblogging The Kenyon Hunger Games. Enjoy. 1:51 p.m.: In all, The Kenyon Hunger Games has raised $286 $316 for

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Do it tonight: Dance Team End of Year Concert

Tonight is your last chance to catch the Kenyon College Dance Team’s end-of-the-year show. I don’t know about you guys, but since I can barely walk across a room without tripping over something, I find people who can dance incredibly impressive. This show features guest dancers from Ballroom Dance Club, International Society at Kenyon and Modern Ballet Fusion. There probably

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The Kenyon Hunger Games: Tribute Roundup, Part II

We here at The Thrill are back with day two of coverage of the upcoming Kenyon Hunger Games. Today we’ll take you through interviews, ratings and Caesar Flickerman’s’s commentary for the tributes from Districts 6 through 10. Tune back in tomorrow for the final tribute roundup and for the announcement about which lucky tribute will receive The Thrill‘s sponsorship this

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