The Kenyon Hunger Games: Tribute Roundup, Part II

We here at The Thrill are back with day two of coverage of the upcoming Kenyon Hunger Games. Today we’ll take you through interviews, ratings and Caesar Flickerman’s’s commentary for the tributes from Districts 6 through 10. Tune back in tomorrow for the final tribute roundup and for the announcement about which lucky tribute will receive The Thrill‘s sponsorship this year.

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The Kenyon Hunger Games: Tribute Roundup, Part I

The 2012 Kenyon Hunger Games are fast approaching (this Saturday, April 21 starting at 12:00 p.m., the terrifying brainchild of Christine Prevas ’15 and Zeslie Zaban ’15) and, as ever, The Thrill is here to provide up-to-date coverage of this year’s tributes from all 17 districts, 33 of whom are doomed.

Today we’ll take you through the Gamemakers’ ratings for tributes from Districts 1 through 5 with video commentary from your beloved host Caesar Flickerman (completely unrelated to Thrill columnist Miles Purinton ’12) and their answers to interview questions of our devising. Tune in tomorrow for more tributes, more Caesar and more Hunger Games.

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Kenyon is a Hotbed of Regret, Apparently

You’ve probably noticed the board propped up on Middle Path, prompting students to fill in the blank after the phrase “I regret…”

The collection of answers runs the gamut from inspiring to disgusting to simply disappointing. The image is after the jump due to vulgar language and the general depressing effect anonymity seems to have on Kenyon students. Continue reading

Happy Friday the 13th, Kenyon

Just stay away from these around midnight, okay?

Oh, look at that — it’s Friday the 13th here in Gambier, Ohio. Surely you know the ground rules by now. Don’t step on the Kenyon seal in Peirce, don’t tickle a sleeping Nugent, don’t say the name of the Scottish play around Jack Dwyer ’12.

If you’re hungry for more Kenyon superstition, this Alumni Bulletin page on “The Haunted Kenyon Tour” might be worth a read.

Do it tonight: Owl Creeks Spring Concert

I've got an endless supply of hungover owls for these posts.

As they say, it’s that time of year again. Come on — there’s nothing greater than adorable girls with beautiful voices singing a cappella versions of songs ranging from pop hits to indie favorites to … well, let’s just say some of the emails this time around imply a certainSpace Jam classic could just make an appearance. That’s right, the Owl Creeks spring concert is tonight, 8:00 p.m. in Rosse Hall.

The Owl Creeks always put on a great show that leaves audience members with springs in their steps and songs in their hearts. You probably shouldn’t miss it.