Weekend Playlist: Welcome Back/What You Missed

This weekend’s playlist is one part welcome back/one part what you missed this summer. Shake well for best results:

What you missed:

Slaptop, aka Luke Frisher ’13, has had a very eventful summer having one remix hit number one on HypeMachine and a second get placed on the new Maroon 5 album (see: ZinePack edition, available at WalMart). This single features Professor Ted Buehrer on trumpet!  Continue reading

Weekend Playlist: Gender Transcenders

With Deb Ball coming up this weekend, plenty of guys and girls get to enjoy some good, old-fashioned gender bending. In keeping with the theme, this weekend’s playlist is entirely made up of covers that bridge the sexes:

Björk and PJ Harvey – Satisfaction (Originally by the Rolling Stones)

What makes this version great is Björk simultaneously flaunting her impressive vocal chops while also not really seeming to know the words, or what the song is even about.

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Weekend Playlist: Sweet-to-Bittersweet, The Love Song Spectrum

It’s Valentine’s Day this weekend, which I’m sure isn’t news to anyone, but in the spirit of the holiday of romance, here are ten of my favorite love songs, presented on the patented Noah Weinman Sweet-To-Bittersweet Scale ™.

1. Like Someone in Love – Chet Baker

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