String of Break-ins May Underscore a Trend

The Psi U lodge on Kokosing Drive has not been actively used since the fraternity was put on probation in 2009.

The Psi-U lodge on Kokosing Drive has not been actively used since the fraternity was put on probation in 2009.

Three students were arrested on May 9 for breaking into the Psi-U lodge on Kokosing Dr., according to a Knox County Sheriff’s Office report obtained by The Thrill.

Garrison Block ’16, Victor Progar ’14 and Brendan McGoldrick ’14 have been accused of criminal trespass, a fourth degree misdemeanor.

The incident is the third notable break-in to occur within the last month and the second to involve Kenyon students and off-campus property.

News of the break-in at the Psi-U lodge — which has not been used officially since the fraternity was put on probation in 2009 — comes amidst a break-in at Village Market that resulted in the theft of over $6,000 in cash, as well as an incident on Kenyon Road for which a former student was indicted on fourth-degree felony charges of criminal trespass by a Knox County grand jury on May 7. The student transferred out of Kenyon for reasons unrelated to this incident. Continue reading


The Monday Catchup


Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: It’s auction season in the fine art world, and as The New York Times reports, some auctions are over before they even begin. From the Times:

Thanks to the growing number of collectors willing to spend more than $25 million on a single Picasso or Rothko, along with the increasing perception of art as investment, this season more buyers are jumping at the chance to put bids in early, becoming what are called guarantors of desired works.

After The Jump: Ben Affleck is kicked out of a casino, Condoleezza Rice turns down a commencement invite, a tragic circus accident, Rand Paul ups his 2016 game, some amazing photos from Antarctica, and a potential ban on a new alcoholic substance.

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How I Won The Thrill (But Shouldn’t Have)


Are you not entertained?

I know what you like, Thrill readers: alcohol. And although your average blogger could’ve told you that college students enjoy a drink now and then, I’ve got the numbers to prove it. It’s all part of the multi-year journey that has culminated in my “winning” the Thrill, as my editor Nathaniel told me the other day in econ. What does it mean to win The Thrill? Let me explain.

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The Monday Catchup

Vladimir PutinGood morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: As the Obama administration hands out more financial sanctions meant to combat Russia’s influence-seeking behavior in Ukraine, The New York Times asks: but what if Vladimir Putin is secretly super-rich? The Times (and apparently some folks at the Treasury) seem to think Putin could be worth up to $70 billion, making him the wealthiest head of state ever. I wonder how the Queen feels about all of this.

After The Jump: New job numbers, a Holocaust acknowledgement, A Pope canonizes two of his predecessors, South Korea’s PM resigns, the US waves bye to the death penalty, and the latest from the NBA Clippers (owner) controversy.

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President Nugent talked up higher ed’s financial woes on NPR this morning

You may have heard the Nuge on NPR today.

You may have heard the Nuge on NPR today.

For Kenyon, the discussion on economic inequality didn’t end after CSAD. Just today former President S. Georgia Nugent went on NPR’s “Morning Edition” for a segment called “When Money Trumps Need In College Admissions.” The 7 1/2-minute interview is worth a full listen, but check out highlights after the jump.

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The Monday Catchup

Obama Putin

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: The New York Times thinks President Obama is reviving the Cold War. Says the Times on Obama’s containment tactics:

The administration’s priority is to hold together an international consensus against Russia, including even China, its longtime supporter on the United Nations Security Council.

After The Jump: An alcohol breakthrough, the NBA mulls raising the minimum age for players, an update on the South Korean ferry crash, you can still sue your cereal company, science says eat more dark chocolate and a former reality star is having a baby.

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A Conversation with Ben White

Over the course of last week’s CSAD Conference, the Collegian talked to economists, journalists and experts who had descended on Gambier to discuss economic inequality. Collegian Social Media Director Eric Geller ’14 and I were lucky enough to speak with some of the invited panelists on video. Today’s CSAD interview is with Ben White, Chief Economic Correspondent at POLITICO.

White — a Kenyon alum from the class of 1994  — dissects the relationship between income mobility and income equality, and why Democrats have been rallying around the gender pay gap. He also weighs in on whether political partisanship is really worse than it has ever been, and how his Kenyon education prepared him to succeed as an economic journalist.