Next year’s Theme Housing options!

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The Theme Housing program at Kenyon College provides a unique living experience that enables a group of students to live together and explore a common area of interest or theme. See if next year’s newest Theme Housing options are right for you!

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Wet Kenyon: Lower Lewis


The Versacooler Ii W/ Sports Bottle Filler in all her glory

Greetings, fellow water drinkers.

While Kenyon College has always been a hallowed ground where scholars flock to critically discuss the theories of the times, one question in particular has caused great philosophical torment for generations of Kenyon minds, from Philander Chase to Rutherford B. Hayes to mainly just me.

Where is Kenyon’s best water fountain?”

Join me for weekly water reviews and controversial hot-takes on Kenyon’s finest faucets and read on as I study my first subject: the water fountain in Lower Lewis.  Continue reading