10 o’clock list: The Types of People You’ll Find Around Middlepath

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Whether it was a family phone call when I accidentally called my sister a hairy gorilla, last week’s lunch date with my girlfriend when I gave the wrong answer to a very tricky question, or an off-color joke I made last night about my buddy’s relationship with his parents, I often find myself needing to take some time to simply shut the fuck up. As a Kenyon student, when my mouth has gotten me in trouble I’ve found it smart to be quiet, depart from the situation in which I’ve created turmoil, and find a comfy place to sit and observe instead. In moments when I’ve put myself in timeout, while people-watching, I have assembled the following list. So without further ado, I present to you my lovely reader, The Types of People You’ll Find Around Middlepath.

Proceed with caution

Smoking that Queen Elizabeth Pack: A Recollection of the Irish Pub Scene the Night She Croaked

As the Queen lay on her deathbed surrounded by family and friends with fleeting seconds left in her life, she managed to sputter out her final words, a testament to the young and old worldwide, “That rat bastard Reily Scott is gonna have a sick night at the club because of me.” And so it was.

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10 o’clock list: If Going to Kenyon Wasn’t Already Enough Here’s Red Flags You Should Look for in Your Peers

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Making friends and meeting people can sometimes be hard, but it’s very important to not just settle for any old person. If you think the crazies are wandering the streets of NYC late at night, you’re wrong. They’re the ones who live down the hall, share a class with you, wait in front of you in the line at Wiggins, and who you give a slight nod to when walking down middle path. They are always nearby, under the radar, so in order to help you filter them out, here are red flags to look out for in your peers:

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Sick of Everyone Being so Nice: Looking for Generic 90’s Bully to Level Out my Good Mood

At first I thought it was a facade. These smiling faces greeting me wherever I went. “Need directions anywhere?” “Oh where are you from?” “I really like your shirt.” “You’ll love it here.” But as orientation passed and classes began, this friendly demeanor seen in many students stayed persistent. After another week of random compliments and helpful advice, it hit me. The people at Kenyon are just genuinely nice. Shit… I don’t know if I can do this for 4 years.

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