Peirce Date: The Next Chapter


the power may have gone out, but look at the spark between these two

For those who do not know about Peirce Date, we set two people up on a blind date at Peirce. It’s a great way for students to connect at no price. Want to go on a Peirce date? Want to find your friend that special someone? Let us know!

We’re back baby. That’s right, it’s another episode of pEiRcE dAtE, where we set up two “willing” participants on a blind date in Peirce. Let’s see how it went:

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It’s Black History Month and I’m Feeling Blue


Quick Quiz: Who in this picture is still alive? Hint: don’t ask the current president

February is a tough month to be at Kenyon College–it’s (usually) extremely cold, the semester is in full swing, work is piling up and break is so close, but yet so far. This February has been particularly difficult for those unhappy with the current political situation in this country. February also happens to be Black History Month and I, for one, am feeling pretty blue.

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How to Hide Your Winter Bod from the Very Toned Swimmers on Your Hall


Every winter, I make the same promise to myself: I buy new tennis shoes, wash all my gym clothes and queue up Fergalicious declaring I’ll be up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness. I was particularly motivated, or at least thought I would be, by the fact that I am but a lowly NARP on a hall full of swimmers–they are the marble Adonises to my Pillsbury Dough Boy, the professional bodybuilders to my week 1 beginning weight training class, the Taylor Lautner circa 2008 to my Robert Pattinson circa any year, you pick. But I’m sad to say friends that it’s the second week of February, I still have arms made of rubber, abs brought to you by cheeseburger Hot Pockets and an ass so wide it’s been legally declared its own county and my swimmer hall-mates are still as chiseled as ever. So here are a few methods I’ve implemented to hide my lumpy, un-athletic body from those around me. Continue reading

SuperBowl LI Drinking Game

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 3.09.01 PM.png

Alright people, SuperBowl Sunday is officially here and I am HERE. FOR. IT. and the opportunity it presents to get drunk while eating wings on a school night. Some of you may be watching it for the game, some may be watching for the commercials, some may be watching for Lady Gaga’s halftime show, I will be watching because the game is in Houston and there’s NO WAY Beyoncé Giselle Knowles would pass up an opportunity to rep her hometown. H-Town bitches. Anyways, let me present the official SuperBowl drinking game so we can make this SuperBowl LI(t).

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Kenyon After Dark: From New Apts to Old K


A self portrait

Its 2am on Tuesday night, your friends have just kicked you out of their apartment because you got a little too steamed up Watching Jude Law be a very sexy, but very mean young Pope. Your fingers are stained with cheeto dust, your hair smells like tequila and you’re just trying to make it home with your dignity and your eyebrow makeup intact.

Take a walk with me friend, all the way to Old Kenyon–I want you to see what I see, hear what I hear, hopefully not smell what I smell but you get the point. Here are a few things I’ve witnessed on many a journey from New Apts to Old K.

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Kenyon Doppelgangers: Chris Stevens ’17 and Daniel Scherding ’18


Warning: Above photo may lead to shortness of breath, dizziness and mild arrhythmia

Hold on to your hats everyone, because we’re back with another edition of Kenyon Doppelgangers, the ongoing series of lookalikes here at Kenyon brought to you by the Thrill. You may know our two lads featured here by many another name: Steve-O, Steve, Captain America; Hansel, Von Schnitzel or perhaps, most infamously, Hot Dan. But there’s more to them than their beautiful flaxen hair and deep blue eyes, so please allow me to reintroduce Chris Stevens and Daniel Scherding in this week’s Kenyon Doppelgangers: Blond Ambition Edition.

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