Ultimate Library Games Part I


All work and no play can really bring a person down. But if you’ve got no time in your study schedule to escape the dark dredges of Olin, you can try your hand at one of these unique games specially designed for playing within the confines of a library! Some are dangerous, disrespectful, and flat-out dumb– but no risk, no reward, amirite?* Continue reading

Avoiding The Rents This Weekend: A Guide

via metacafe.com

via metacafe.com

Whether you have one-too-many hickeys from last Friday’s bender, or are just plain tired of you mom picking at your eye gook in front of your cool new friends,  not everyone is excited to see their parents this weekend. Here are some steps you can take to avoid them – or at the very least – delay the inevitable. Your room won’t clean itself, you know!!! Continue reading

Bone Up: Cyber Sexual Stress


“When I was your age,” barked my grandma, “we didn’t have these newfangled video telephones! If you really wanted to show a gal how you felt below the belt, you’d do it in a letter!”


When it comes to courting in the modern age, our generation has a staggering amount of tools at our disposal. From text messages to Snapchats, Skypes, Vibes, and everything in between, the act of broadcasting our naughty bits to our beaus and strangers alike has become exponentially easier.

But whereas grandma’s explicit letters could be delayed or lost in the mail, our virtual communications also have a wealth of issues of their own. Continue reading