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Peircegiving Live Blog

Pre-Peircegiving: What are you Peirceful for? I’m Peirceful for the sweet promise of sleep, for asparagus, and free refills. I’m Peirceful for clearance sections, textbook buyback, and bad television, too. But you know what I’m most Peirceful for? Peircegiving, baby. Where I can chug as much smashed potatoes as my sinful little heart can tolerate.

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We Tried to Draw Maps of Kenyon from Memory and This is What Happened

The Kenyon College campus: what a beauty (shhh ignore the construction everywhere). We walk its paths everyday. We circumvent its seal in Peirce each meal. We marvel at the Twilight zone atmosphere of the temporary bookstore/old market each dawn and dust. And yes, we spend the majority of our time on the hill, but how well do we really know

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