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Freshmen drops Intro Bio after confusing words organism and orgasm

Over the past week, the Registrar has processed a flood of mulligans (withdraw lates) as students receive their failing midterm exams and papers. While some sophomores and juniors dropped orgo and said goodbye to all hopes and dreams of ever going pre-med, English majors mulliganed their Intro Econ classes after finally realizing success was impossible without basic multiplication and division. But amidst

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10 o’clock list: Ways to Transition Your October Pumpkins into November Pumpkins

Halloweekend is over and with it, October. One more day of October and then, just like that, it becomes November, the end piece of bread of months. Sure, Halloween hasn’t technically happened yet, but don’t pretend like you don’t know what’s coming. One night of orange ecstasy, and then you wake up and everything’s coming up beige. But your Halloween

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