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10 o’clock list: Places to Get Food After the Market Closes at 6 pm

Hey, you! I haven’t seen you in forever! How is Stats going? Did you finally figure out what was causing that electrical humming in your room? No? Well, how’s your food situation? I heard that someone saw you crying outside of the Market while listening to the Monster Mash, but don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Here’s some advice for

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10 o’clock List: Kenyon’s Finest, Coldest Beans

Welcome back to Kenyon, where we love to wear corduroy overalls and drink chilled sparkling water. You’re back, baby. Settle in. Stay a while. While we have you here, could I be so bold as to ask you a question? Which……………………………………….bean do you prefer? At the salad bar, I mean. It’s a matter of personal opinion, of course. I couldn’t

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