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10 o’clock list: Better Places to Study than the Adirondack Chairs

Now that spring has finally sprung, I know all of you are dying to score a seat in one of the coveted Adirondack chairs, studying for your Stats exam while the breeze flips your pages and D-Cat and his D-dog patrol middle path for friendly ghosts. However, due to a shortage of chairs, it gets hard to live out the Ultimate College Experience of

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10 o’clock list: Things That Do Not Match the Aesthetic of Third Floor Ascension

Third floor ascension. The most elegant of third floors. The richness of the wood paneled walls, the oak tables and the non-fluorescent lighting make for a perfect studious environment. This gothic, castle like classiness can feel like a haven in which only the most serious of book learning and essay writing can take place. Now, however, it is time to flip the script, go against the

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10 o’clock list: Things I Shouldn’t Have Said in the Kenyon 2020 Facebook Group

It’s April, which means all the current high school seniors are deciding what college they should go to. Ah, the memories. Just one year ago, I was in that same position. Stressed over not only choosing a college that will make me sound most impressive at future dinner parties, but also struggling to find my social place at a school I

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