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The Monday Catchup

evree bawdy, ye rohk ur beody yhe hevaree buddy, yea roc ueur bodi rite Monday Ketchup’s bak, ahlrit heay, yeahhh oh mi gawd, I’m bax ageen broders, thisters, ehvree bodee rot youer bodie rightah gonnah brig teh flavour, sho u haow godda cuestion 4 ew bettah anzer nawo, yeet Am I original? No. Am I the only one? No. These are

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Inside the Artist

One of the most popular series here at the Thrill is our “Inside the Artist’s Sketchbook”  feature. We interview an artist and display their work as a way to shine a spotlight on some of Kenyon’s finest artists. But what happens if you ignore the sketchbook and focus on what’s actually inside the artist?

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