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Battle of the Numbers: The Best and (almost) Worst Lottery Numbers Finally Meet

It’s an overcast cloudy day in Peirce. I’m eagerly sitting at a table by the window overlooking the long hill down to the KAC, anticipating this upcoming interview. Two minutes pass after 4:30, the agreed upon interview time. After sending out several student-info emails, desperate posts in the Kenyon Class of 2020 and 2019 pages, and cries of despair into

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The Monday Catchup

Salutations lovers. Well, like most of you, I’m going through Vitamin D withdrawal. Gone is the sun. Gone are the halcyon days of lounging on south quad, beer in hand. GONE! The cold, cloudy midwest has returned to us in full force, and we didn’t even have a second to gird our loins. Rude. Lately, I’ve found myself irritable, tired, and confusingly parched.

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