Ten O’clock: Ways to get your professor to like you after you’ve said something rude in class

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Well you’ve done it again. You got defensive during your short story workshop and accidentally called your professor a “Disrespectful private citizen entitled to their wrong opinion” But it wasn’t really your fault, you were just defending yourself because you were using the second person in a story and you were tired and angry and angry because everyone told you not to write in the second person because it’s too confusing, but Elijah thinks the third person is even worse, and I hate writing in first person. 

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Why is my Urge to Stomp on Every Pumpkin I See so Strong?

12 Cool and Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas

With it being October, Halloween is right around the corner, and with Halloween comes pumpkins and with pumpkins comes overwhelming intrusive thoughts telling me to absolutely obliterate every single unlucky orange sphere that I come across.

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Curious what they’re keeping in the mods? All those freshmen they sent to “Copenhagen”

Chalmers is open. The mods remain. Locked, cavernous, silent. They are Kenyon’s Fort Knox, and we must ask what is hidden within. According to the Thrill’s best investigative journalists, the answer to the secret lies in Kenyon’s over-enrollment. It seems they bit off more than they could educate. So they did what we all do with our leftovers.

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