Inside the Artist

One of the most popular series here at the Thrill is our “Inside the Artist’s Sketchbook”  feature. We interview an artist and display their work as a way to shine a spotlight on some of Kenyon’s finest artists. But what happens if you ignore the sketchbook and focus on what’s actually inside the artist?

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“Kenyon 2020 plan” now “Kenyon 420” plan, Vapers Rejoice

In a statement made Thursday, President Decatur announced the drastic changes made to the Kenyon 2020 plan. “The college does not condone the use of marijuana, a practice illegal in the state of Ohio. We do however, encourage the $mok3ing of DANK ~kush~ and feel that the absence of the Village Market for what could be the entire 2017-2018 school year would hinder

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The Monday Catchup

GAMBIER, Ohio — A new report released Monday by the Registrar’s Office found that you, a sophomore with several passing grades this semester, are in fact a genius. The report went on to condemn the hundreds of other sophomores who, unlike you, are worthless shit for succumbing to Sophomorus slumpis, a deadly neurological pathogen that targets sophomores. The Registrar’s Office included a supplement from

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