10 o’clock list: The Gambier Raccoons Most Likely to be Diligently Plotting Your Ruin

May is at last upon us which means that the raccoons we’ve dearly missed over the winter are finally arriving in droves across the midwest as they complete their months-long, multigenerational migration from Central Mexico. But just because most members of Procyon lotor sustain themselves off of nectar and trash doesn’t mean that some especially depraved individuals aren’t out for blood.

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The 2021 Summer Sendoff Artist Will Be Six Chamber Singers In A Trench Coat

Since the pandemic has made bringing a B-list indie pop band to campus logistically difficult, Kenyon has decided to seek entertainment a little closer to home. After beating the runner-up choice for Sendoff artist (the ghost of Geoffrey Chaucer) in a fist fight, six Chamber Singers in a trench coat will be performing for the college at our traditional end-of-semester gathering.

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DO IT TODAY: Rocky Horror Shadow Cast

Our lovely friends at KCP are putting on yet another shadow cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. While the tickets are officially sold out, our guess is that you can grab a blanket and post up right outside of the New Apt tennis courts. It’ll be a great time, so dress up and go do that at 10 pm tonight and tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 27th @ 10pm

Wednesday, April 28th @ 10pm

A Letter to My Two Older Brothers Who Might Be Football Players And Much More Than You Could Ever Imagine But Not In A Good Way

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I’m so curious about what kind of person reads The Thrill voluntarily. I completely understand if you were making your way to the adult site The Thrills and accidentally stumbled across this monstrosity. Maybe you were trying to get the Collegian and just forgot their name. Or, maybe you got here on purpose, which begs the question, what kind of person are you? I don’t know how much I can write about older brothers who might be football players, so I’m going to just cram the material I had for five articles into this one over the next ten minutes and we’ll see what happens. 

A little family history: My great grandfather, Edvard Manning, was in the battle of Blenheim and was the only casualty on the German side because he misread the smoke signal as charge instead of retreat. Mannings have a tendency to charge when they should be retreating. Even when we try to do what’s right, we end up causing more casualties. Here are a few examples:

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