A Review of Trough Etiquette

Trough Juice– Photo courtesy of shitlondonguinness on Twitter

I think as upperclassmen we have a duty to pass down Trough Etiquette to the underclassmen, and based on my observations at the dish rack over the past two months, we’re really slacking in this regard. So here’s a little refresher on Trough Etiquette addressed both to lazy upperclassmen and oblivious underclassmen who were never taught.

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What If…Horror Slashers Went to Kenyon?

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year for several reasons, but especially because it’s when people decide that horror movies are acceptable…but what about the rest of the year? What do our favorite slasher villains get up to outside of spooky season? Why, they’d naturally attend Kenyon College. To make things easier for everyone trying to wrap their heads around this half-baked idea of mine, I’ve decided to figure out who famous slasher villains would be if they were Kenyon students.

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Ten O’clock: Ways to get your professor to like you after you’ve said something rude in class

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Well you’ve done it again. You got defensive during your short story workshop and accidentally called your professor a “Disrespectful private citizen entitled to their wrong opinion” But it wasn’t really your fault, you were just defending yourself because you were using the second person in a story and you were tired and angry and angry because everyone told you not to write in the second person because it’s too confusing, but Elijah thinks the third person is even worse, and I hate writing in first person. 

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