The Monday Catchup


The Market has some gems

You may have noticed that I’m wearing all-black today. I’m in mourning. Frankly, I’m rather disappointed that you aren’t in all-black as well. What did I lose? I think a better question is, what did we lose? We lost an extra hour of sweet light- “fall back” or something. We gained an hour of sleep, but that means nothing. Less vitamin D = extra sad me. But, for just 75¢ a day you can help get me overcome my melancholy. Dial the number at the bottom of your screen to make a donation. By simply calling 1-800-MIA-NEEDS-A-REALITY-CHECK you can save a life. Why wait? Be among the first 90 callers, and we’ll send you a free tote bag with a picture of the child you’re saving (i.e me).

I’m partly in mourning for you, too. Your weekend sounded eventful. Here’s what you had to say.

“Did I do a Bikram Yoga class? Just kidding I was just STUCK in the front row for Motown”

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