10 o’clock List: Other Celebs I Want to Sniff


My vision board for Kenyon 2016.

Let’s face it, this nation’s call to enfranchisement has caused Gambier to become what many are calling “The Hollywood of the Midwest”. From Lance Bass to the woman who looks like my mother (but happens to play a Russian mob-wife on TV), Kenyon has become a hotspot for all that vaguely glitters and all that’s somewhat gold in this election season. But, due to my chronic feelings of inadequacy, I need more! So, here’s a list of other strange and random celebrities who could waltz into Wiggin at any point in the upcoming weeks and ruin my chances at snatching a decent study table.

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10 o’clock list: Kenyon-Relevant Famous Last Words

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

What does Zombie Jane Austen know about your life?

“I’m so bored with it all.” These were the last words of Winston Churchill, before he slipped into a coma for nine days and passed away. While these words may not resonate with your Kenyon experience, I’ve found some that do. From British generals to Russian Tsars, The Thrill has compiled some famous last words you’ve surely uttered (if not, just wait) while living on the Hill.

1. “I can’t sleep.” —J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan

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10 o’clock list: Five Best Places to Listen to Other People’s More Interesting Conversations

Who doesn't love the Patriot Act? (via Wikimedia Commons)

Admit it: you love eavesdropping. And can you really even call it that if people are carrying on conversations in public about their hyperbolically active sex lives and you just happen to be in the same highly trafficked space that also happened to be designed with good acoustics? It’s not like you’re putting your ear to a keyhole; you’re just milling around one of the following locales when boom, suddenly you know why Girl With Artistically Ripped Tights is going to dump Boy With Ironic Trucker Hat tomorrow (and oh man, does he deserve it). Read more…

10 o’clock list: Man, My Roommate Has Really Changed

Winter break is a time to relax. Reset your inner clock after that sleepless time at semester’s end known as HELL finals week. I personally interpret those four weeks as a time to take some “me time.” What constitutes “me time” varies from person to person. For some people it’s snuggling up with a good book (that is not assigned to you). For others, it’s just having the freedom to be completely naked in the privacy of your own room, apartment or house. Now, when “me time” lasts for an extended period of time some people experience … changes. (For example, I had “me time” from 7th grade until I graduated high school.  I essentially became an only child. And now my parents clearly love me more than my two older sisters.) But how does one deal with or respond to the new changes in your beloved Kenyon pals? That’s where we come in. From a new haircut a totally new personality — we’ve got ya covered.

via Wikimedia Commons

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