10 o’clock list: 5 “Come to Jesus Moments” You Need to Have Before You Move Home

fucking kids 2

Don’t forget to get back in touch with social norms before you leave.

Oh, you’re headed home? Thrilling. Before you spout off about your plans to do everything, let’s take a minute to talk about heading home. You may encounter those things called parents and siblings. Shit. Don’t panic, as per usual we have your back. Some tips for pulling yourself together before you bounce:

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10 o’clock list: 5 Childhood Trends that Resurface in College


We can haz bachelor’s degree?

1. Cheez-It snacktime. When did you last enter a dorm room or apartment kitchen without spying a big red box gleaming in the afternoon light? Sure, in grade school we plucked them from wee elegant Dixie cups at recess, whereas these days we’re more inclined to drunkenly jam our entire fists into the box, Winnie the Pooh-style, and regret it in the morning, but the nostalgic, salty tang of a Cheez-It will never fade.

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