10 o’clock list: Things I Shouldn’t Have Said in the Kenyon 2020 Facebook Group



It’s April, which means all the current high school seniors are deciding what college they should go to. Ah, the memories. Just one year ago, I was in that same position. Stressed over not only choosing a college that will make me sound most impressive at future dinner parties, but also struggling to find my social place at a school I hadn’t even gone to yet. Yes, I’m talking about that special circle of hell, prospective college class year Facebook pages. In my blind panic to try to enter college already on friendly terms with people, I admit, I may have gone a little overboard. I regret that.

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10 o’clock list: Holiday Favorites Set at Kenyon

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It’s the most wonderful time of year, and I know that you’re rushing to your Netflix account to check out all of your favorite holiday* movies and to relive the pleasant memories of your youth. Yet, don’t you ever wonder why none of them were set here, in scenic Gambier, Ohio? Not that Liberal Arts isn’t a well-loved holiday favorite, but it seems so strange that our beautiful campus has had no jolly, seasonal feature films located amongst our studious selves. Well, I may not be able to afford a film crew, but here are a few holiday classics reconfigured to fit the Kenyon culture.

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life: After a run on the Registrar’s Office during Add/Drop, Phaedra Fawcett wishes she were never born. But thanks to Allison Janney, Angel 2nd Class, she’s able to see that Kenyon wouldn’t be the same without her, and comes back for second semester to find that the entire campus has come together to raise money to help reconfigure mybanner. Continue reading