Various Things That One Could Possibly Do With One Hundred Million Dollars, Just Hypothetically

I don’t know what possessed me to write this today, but for some reason the amount of $100,000,000 was just on my mind and I wanted to do some Quick MathTM to see how much that could do if it was directed towards a couple different sources. If anyone is just sitting on 100M, maybe you could get some ideas?

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The Smart-Money Guide to Good Eats

This week, The Thrill will show you how to get a decent meal for cheap if you’re just not feeling Peirce. For an easy way to fill your stomach without emptying your wallet, head on over to The Village Market.


Part 1: The sandwich. Head on over to the deli in the Market for a nice sandwich on the cheap. My sandwich of choice, the Italian Mini-Sub ($2). Or instead of a sandwich, get any of the pastas or other options that the deli offers (I’ve heard decent things about their chili, though I cannot personally vouch for this).  Continue reading