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Hey We Got High and Watched Liberal Arts and Boy Do We Have Some Spooky Things to Say About It

Everyone and their mothers know about Kenyon alum Josh “The Rad Man” Radnor’s magnum opus Liberal Arts (2012) because everyone and their mother watched it after being accepted into Kenyon. Not only was this film written, directed, produced, and starring Josh “Radatouille” Radnor, but it was filmed at Kenyon College. (Here! Where we go!) And while Liberal Arts is really

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“Kenyon 2020 plan” now “Kenyon 420” plan, Vapers Rejoice

In a statement made Thursday, President Decatur announced the drastic changes made to the Kenyon 2020 plan. “The college does not condone the use of marijuana, a practice illegal in the state of Ohio. We do however, encourage the $mok3ing of DANK ~kush~ and feel that the absence of the Village Market for what could be the entire 2017-2018 school year would hinder

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Meet an Unconscious Kenyon Student

We all know and love the Meet a PC and Meet an SMA features here on thekenyonthrill.com. But The Thrill has forgotten about many other Kenyon student groups that deserve an equivalent profile. One of these communities is rarely heard from. Not because they don’t have anything to say, but, rather, because they can’t say anything at all. You see

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