Barriers at Kenyon

This post was guest authored by Lin Miao ’17. 

gates of hell in winter

Realize that inaccessible structures are forms of violence.

When physically restraining someone, you must use force against him. You can prevent abled people from reaching the second floor of a building by subduing them at the foot of a staircase. Knock the wind out of them. Grab their ankles, forcing them to fall. Shake them until they’re dizzy.

For people with certain disabilities, the staircase itself is sufficient to restrain them.

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Frozen Middle Path: It’s Really Not That Funny

Pretty, but not worth it.

Pretty, but not worth it.

The ice has descended. And if you had the absolute displeasure of walking through the Gates of Hell over the weekend, you experienced the equivalent of a perfectly Zamboni’d ice rink instead of the familiar Middle Path gravel. I was slowly shuffling north through the Gates of Hell one evening, and heard a sickening crack behind me. The familiar sound of someone crashing to the icy ground resonates all too well, and I knew how he would be feeling that in the morning. Continue reading