Getting Comprehensive Reproductive Care At Kenyon: A How-To Guide


You’re waiting in the Health Center, standing next to somebody you’re friends with/ had a class with/ maybe hooked up with, scanning down the ‘confidential’ sign-in sheet for a familiar face. Many of you reading this have been there before: it’s the (probable HIPPA violation) STD clinic. While STD testing is a vital part of being a ~ healthy sexual being ~, there’s a whole lot more to reproductive health care. Thus, I thought I would share some resources that you or somebody you know will inevitably have to utilize during your time here.

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Pregnancy on Campus: An Interview with Kim Cullers


If you have a functioning uterus, chances are you have a plan for if you ever find yourself staring at a positive pregnancy test. Whether it’s something you’re hoping for or definitely trying to avoid, there’s no question that pregnancy on a college campus can be a dicey issue.

Emma Specter ’15 and I spoke to Kim Cullers, CNP-Director at Kenyon’s Health Center, about pregnancy at Kenyon, a subject we’d heard relatively little about during our four years on campus. So, just how likely is it?

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What You Need to Know About Ohio’s “Heartbeat” Abortion Bill



On November 20th, a Republican-majority committee on Health and Aging voted to pass House Bill 248 along to the Ohio state legislature. The bill, if it becomes law, would severely restrict access to legal abortions in Ohio. But, unless you already know what Ohio abortion accessibility is like now, that might be difficult to contextualize. Here’s a comparison of what abortion laws are in place now, and what they would look like if the bill passes. Continue reading