Kenyon Mentioned in Times Yik Yak Article

According to a recent New York Times article titled “Who Spewed that Abuse? Anonymous Yik Yak isn’t Telling” (which can be read here), Kenyon is far from the only college that has faced hate speech on the anonymous app Yik Yak.

The Times piece mentions Kenyon’s problems with the app, specifically the Yak made about a proposed “gang bang” at the Crozier Center for Women, which was just one of many hateful and threatening Yaks directed at Crozier and Take Back the Night. This anonymous hate-speech generated a lot of anti-Yik Yak sentiment on campus, with articles about the issue appearing on the Thrill and in the Collegian; a reference to the Thrill piece was made in an article about the app on the Huffington Post in an article about why campuses should ban Yik Yak.

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One in Three

This piece was authored anonymously by a Kenyon student. Trigger warning: this piece confronts emotional abuse.

I can’t remember the first time I thought my sweet, charming, funny boyfriend might be abusing me, but I remember the last. I had locked myself in the bathroom while on a trip to visit him. Nothing about the situation was black or white, except the knowledge that I was being abused.

We’d met towards the beginning of my sophomore year. I remember my knee brushing up against his and wishing I hadn’t worn such baggy pants that day. Suddenly there he was, and nothing was the same. I felt at home with him in a bigger sense than I had ever known before; I hadn’t realized how inexplicably comforting that could be. Continue reading