The Kenyon College Magic Tree House Series: Follow The Adventures of Two Students on an Acid Trip Who Think They’re Traveling Through Time

91JmRQ7Pq6LSam ’21 and Julia ’20 are just two regular Kenyon kids, but when they take a tab of acid and discover a tree house in the BFEC, something magical happens…

This series follows the adventures of Sam and Julia, two children who are magically transported to historical Kenyon settings through the use of a mysterious tree house and psychedelic drugs. Enlisted to help Philander Chase — a powerful enchantress — they set out to learn about historic Kenyon and solve age old puzzles such as: Are my shits liquid because of Peirce coffee or anxiety? Should I dye my hair or just buy some blue eyeliner? Do I have to live in Brooklyn Post-Grad? Continue reading

A Guide to Fall Break: Do More than Psychedelic Drugs


We recognize that The Thrill has given you suggestions on how to handle this glorious four day weekend before; however, now that it is 2018 and the 2020 plan has ripped our campus to shreds, those of us staying at Gund College for Fall Break need a little extra guidance in order to entertain ourselves.

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Ask Philander Chase

Not much of a babe.

As Kenyon College is a notably paranormal institution, we at The Thrill thought that it was time that we get back to our roots and ask our esteemed creator for advice on the pressing issues of being a modern student. Through the miracles of modern technology, we have contacted Philander from the far beyond. Here’s what he had to say in response to our important questions…

Overheard at Kenyon, Vol. VII

It’s that time again when we at The Thrill make you regret talking just a little too loudly. Heads up first years, we’ve been taking extra effort to listen in on what you guys have been saying lately. As always, if you see your own words here, sorry. Feel free to claim it in the comments, or next time just talk quieter.

Politically-Savvy First Year: “I would sleep with Paul Ryan and not regret it.”

Worried Girl in line to see Michelle Obama: “What if we walk in and they’re just screening Liberal Arts?”

  • That same girl, later on: “I just wish I was a man … fuck you, America.”

Already Stoned Guy in WiggleGround: “Hey, do you want to go drop acid?”

  • Nervous Prospie (who had never met Already Stoned Guy before): “Ummm, no, I’m alright … thanks, though.” Continue reading