Kenyon’s Real Rodent Problem: Mousy Brunettes

If you check your “allstu” emails or scan the Collegian, you’ve definitely seen someone complaining about Kenyon’s rampant animal infestation. Rats and bats, raccoons and squirrels… if a species is small and furry, there are almost certainly specimens lurking on campus, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to steal your DoorDash order.

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Editorial: On Send-Off

What Send-Off probably should look like (via Mark Coltman '87)

What Send-Off probably should look like (via Mike Coltman ’87)

Editors’ Note: Because the tenor of the comments section for this post has turned vulgar and hostile, forcing us to moderate a number of them, we have closed comments on this post for the time being.

Today the student body of Kenyon College was informed via an e-mail from Tacci Smith that this Saturday, normally known as day 2 of Summer Sendoff, that no Kenyon students would be allowed to register any events on the South Quad. The e-mail from Tacci seems to be an effort on behalf of the College to quickly and quietly bring an end to Summer Sendoff.

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