Kenyon Conspiracy Theories: “Lady Agnew of Lochnaw”

what about lady agnew of lochnaw

This picture is like the Inception of two things I might not technically have the copyright for.

Previously, on Kenyon Conspiracies:

In his book, “Go Quietly…Or Else”, Agnew insisted that he had been threatened by the White House to step down, in order to save face for President Nixon…

Maybe the student didn’t even care about Agnew’s testimonial plea hoping that someone…anyone, might believe that he is innocent. Maybe the student was just looking for attention when they wrote, “Agnew was framed.” Maybe they had comps due and they were severely procrastinating. Maybe this, maybe that…

From The Kenyon Thrill and Wiggin Street Coffee in Gambier, Ohio, it’s Kenyon Conspiracy Theories: one story told every once in a while. I’m Mary Alice Jackson.

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Kenyon Conspiracy Theories: “Agnew was framed”

I'm pretty sure this is copyright legal because I made it myself on Microsoft Word

I’m pretty sure this is copyright legal because I made it myself on Microsoft Word

In light of the popularity of series like “Serial”, we at the Thrill have decided to get into the fad of debunking mysteries of our own. While on the surface this feature may appear dangerously similar to our “Kenyon Mythbusters” series, I can assure that this is not the same. What makes these cases so unique—so different from Mythbusters—is that this time, I was just sitting in the library being unproductive when the idea came to me. It pretty much fell right into my lap. And the thing is, the further I looked into these vaguely Kenyon-related conspiracies, the weirder things got.

This week, on The Thrill:

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