Places on Campus Where You Can Still Pull an All-Nighter

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It’s Monday of the week before finals week, which basically means that now is when everything starts to go to shit. That beautifully intricate and color-coded study schedule that you made for yourself is gathering dust on the floor somewhere, quickly becoming irrelevant. So now it’s crunch time. You walk into the deepest and darkest hole on campus, Gund Commons with all of your supplies, ready to hunker down for the foreseeable future. But wait, someone is rudely shaking you out of your hot cheeto crumb pile of focus. Gund is no longer open all night. Is there nowhere left on campus in which to pull a successful all-nighter? We have the answers for you after the jump. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Five Things to Get You Through an All-Nighter

Don't worry. Lionel is right there with you. He understands.

I would have liked to liveblog this night just to prove that it happened.  Maybe it is proof enough that I am writing it at 5:09 a.m.  Many times last year, I believed I would need to pull an all-nighter for class.  Much like one of those dogs, however, I nodded off into oblivion only to wake up moments later and decide to go to my bed and ponder what excuse to use in the morning.

Tonight, I have accomplished what I once thought to be impossible for me.  I have pulled an all-nighter working.  I sit in the Collegian office poring over exit polls and Jewish literature (two papers, one night) and I think of all the things that I needed to get me where I am right now, quietly typing away listening to the soft sounds of rain outside and the low rumble of the radiator.  In no particular order, the five things that I needed to get through this night.

1. The buddy system — Having someone else to pull the all-nighter with was a huge plus.  You need to rely on the buddy system. You either stand together, or you fall together.  My Jewish guilt probably had something to do with it as well, considering I wasn’t going to leave Sandy in the Collegian office at 4:00 a.m.

2. Scintillating conversation — Topics discussed: Zombie attacks and how we would deal with said attacks. Whether or not we are dreaming. Concerts we would most want to see if we could leave right now. Politics. The saltiness of Fritos compared to Sun Chips. What we would do if there were a power outage. Literature.

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