10 o’clock list: Awards They Don’t Give Out on Honors Day

This post was co-authored by Claire Berman ’16 and Emma Specter ’15.


As you may be aware, Honors Day was today, and just to answer the question you’re all asking yourselves — no, the Thrill didn’t win anything, but it would have been an honor just to be nominated. (We weren’t. It’s fine. Whatever.) However, we do have some suggestions as to categories that, for whatever reason, weren’t brought up this year — we’re confident that by next spring’s awards, all of these categories will be formally awarded to the most deserving candidates.

1. “The Jean Dunbar Caples Award for Staying in Your Room All The Time”

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C.J. Cregg: Should She Be Kenyon’s Next President?

C. J. Cregg

This is the second installment in a five-part series. Every night through Thursday, we’ll bring you a new candidate to be Kenyon’s next president. On Friday morning, we’ll open a poll so you can vote for your favorite. The Thrill will then convey the results of that poll to the Presidential Search Committee, which will hold a public meeting on Friday evening.

Important note: the nominee is not famous Kenyon grad Allison Janney ’82, it is Claudia Jean Cregg, the press secretary to the Bartlet administration on The West Wing, as portrayed by Janney. With her no-nonsense demeanor and media savvy, C.J. would strike fear into the hearts of grouchy faculty and difficult trustees, while inspiring alumni to open their wallets with her inspiring speeches. And just think of how efficient she would be, having all those walk and talks on Middle Path. Plus, she can do this.

Is This Kenyon Grad Allison Janney in an Early Role?

Ever since we posted this, your editors here at The Thrill have been obsessed with foundfootagefest.com. While perusing it just now, I think I may have stumbled upon one of actress Allison Janney’s early roles, way before she became famous on The West Wing. This video, “The Secret of Guest Relations,” dates from 1987, just a few years after Janney graduated Kenyon in 1982. But I’m not completely sure: is that Janney playing P. Gates, the Great Patient Relations Representative in the Sky (skip ahead 45 seconds)? She sounds the same, and looks similar. Do you  think it’s her? Tell us in the comments!

For comparison:


Allison Janney modeling at The Heart Truth Fas...

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