Profile: Bijan Khaghani ‘23, a.k.a. Guardian of the AD Bullseye

Those of us studying remotely don’t know all that much about on-campus housing, but we do know one thing: all singles are not created equal. I took it upon myself to interview one man, one myth, one legend who is doing the unthinkable: living in the AD Bullseye all by his lonesome. In his own words, “Living in the Bullseye… is the most beautiful mess I have ever had to deal with.”

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Thrill Movie Reviews: Involvement Fair Videos

With this slightly unconventional start to the school year, organizations on campus have had to adapt in order to recruit new members. Postponed are the days of the in-person activities fair, which means clubs have had to make the best of our largely-virtual Kenyon experience by making informational videos about themselves. I commend this effort, and decided to make the best of the situation myself by reviewing a few as if they were movies and the satire blog I write for were Letterboxd for a moment.

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Do it tonight: Alpha Delta Phi Benefit

Come here with money.

The week of Take Back the Night is drawing to a close, so if you haven’t had a chance to come to any of the events yet (and even if you have!) come out this Saturday night to the Village Inn where Alpha Delta Phi will be hosting a benefit concert to cap off the week’s events. Benefits of the concert will go to the New Directions domestic abuse shelter of Knox County. Three bands will be playing: Andrew Dunham & Young Crooks, French Club, and A Sassy Nation (click here to download music by all of them with the exception of A Sassy Nation). Donations will be taken at the door and a dinner special will be running throughout the night to help raise extra money. Good music, good fun, good food and a really good cause!

What: Benefit concert for the New Directions Domestic Abuse Shelter of Knox County

Where: The Village Inn

When: 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.