Changes in Administration Need Leadership, Not Equivocation

*Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault* 

This post was guest authored by Charlie Collison ’15, a former SMA. 

Like many of my fellow and former classmates, this week’s events continue to make a huge impression upon me as a recent graduate, as the sibling of a current Kenyon student and friend to many others, and as a former Sexual Misconduct Advisor. The purpose of my writing is to share information from my experience as an SMA that individuals may find useful as Kenyon’s community calls to improve the college’s policies and procedures. Continue reading

Where Are They Now? – Taylor Woods ’11


Taylor Woods ’11 (on right)

Today we will be talking to Taylor Woods ’11 originally from Eugene, Oregon.  She was a MLL major (Spanish and German) and was involved in several different organizations on campus – intramural volleyball, soccer, and basketball, as well as being involved with BSU and EDM.

I asked Taylor a few questions and she had some wonderful insights into her time at Kenyon. Continue reading

Do It Tonight: “Leo López, ’93: A Fight for Freedom”

Leopoldo López, Kenyon alumn and political prisoner

Leopoldo López, Kenyon alumn and political prisoner

Kenyon alumnus Leopoldo López, former mayor of Chacao and national coordinator of Voluntad Popular, a Venezuelan political party, has been incarcerated since February 18th, due to his role in anti-government protests. Specifically, he was a leader in protesting against government corruption, rising crime rates, rampant inflation and regular shortages of basic goods. His sister, Adriana López Vermut, will deliver a speech on his political journey.

Continue reading