Kenyon’s Empathy Exam

This post was guest authored by Amy Bergen ’04 in response to this article. 

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The open letter’s a strange form; the audience named, the rest of us on the periphery, eagerly eavesdropping. I read Annaliese Milano’s “An Open Letter to Kenyon: On Being an Inadequate ‘Performer’ of Mental Illness” via my Facebook feed, where 40% of us get our news nowadays. I graduated from Kenyon eleven years ago, in an era where we communicated mostly via the “all-stu”, an e-mail address that allowed you to send missives to the entire student body. We used and abused this function, debated and consoled, commiserated via in-group signaling in a way that only an insular community can. Passion, pain and reason vied for space, Facebook-style. The only filter was the one you gave yourself before you hit Send. All-stus were our Internet, our open marketplace. Continue reading