10 o’clock list: Ways Kenyon Feeds Alums’ Egos


A purple carpet and an evening full of events and awards for someone who crashes an NCA party?

Kenyon has a long history of producing great alums, but the College has fallen into a tendency to advertise the living daylights out of a few select ones of their choosing. Famous alumni are an obvious selling point for the school, but with applications this year up something like 64 percent, why overdo it? Here are a few examples of the College feeding the egos of alumni — and not necessarily the student body’s most beloved either (let us praise Allison Janney for a minute):

1. Putting them on giant posters in Peirce – Nothing says “big ego” more than a giant poster. The posters have been validated under the guise of, “the College was just trying to let people know about the event,” but I say that a small poster would have been just as effective — this isn’t Gourdzilla. When we do we cry wolf and admit that bigger is not necessarily better?  Continue reading

Wow, a Kenyon Grad Actually Got a Job!

via Wikipedia

Of course, his résumé is probably a little more impressive than yours, Mr. Summer-Internship-at-Your-Mom’s-Friend’s-Law-Firm. Zack Space, who represented Ohio’s 18th district (the fightin’ 18th!) in Congress between 2006 and 2010, has a new gig at Vorys Advisors, an Ohio-based consulting firm. Space, a former Lords football player, graduated from Kenyon with a degree in political science, then earned his law degree from Ohio State. After practicing law for many years at Space & Space Company, a firm he opened with his father, Space, a moderate Democrat, went on to represent Kenyon and the surrounding area for two terms, before being defeated by Republican incumbent Bob Gibbs last fall. Kenyon alums: you can knock ’em down, but they’ll get right back up … and then sit down in a cushy corner office.