Amish Book Review: The Preacher’s Daughter

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Have you ever wandered into the bookstore and aimlessly skimmed titles before coming to a screeching halt at the Amish romance novel section? Well, we at The Thrill certainly have and our curiosities have been piqued. It has therefore become my quest to read at least one of these Amish romance novels and share its contents and my emotional/sardonic responses with you all. With this goal in mind, I purposefully strode into the bookstore this past Sunday and bee-lined to the Amish section. I picked the first book that caught my eye, “The Preacher’s Daughter,” by Beverly Lewis. After doing a bit of research I discovered that Lewis is quite an acclaimed author of Amish fiction and that the book I had chosen is the first of a series entitled, “Annie’s People.” So, if my middle school style book report grabs your attention and you fall in love with the novel, worry not. An entire series awaits you. Continue reading