10 o’clock list: Sendoff Style


v accurate photo of Kenyon (via theodyessyonline.com)

For the past couple of weeks, my social media has been completely bombarded by Coachella beauty and fashion, a.k.a just body glitter and crocheted bralettes. Because Sendoff is coming up, I figured we Kenyonites should start taking some style tips from the “trendy” influencers partying in the desert.

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Kenyon to Add “Green” North Campus Parking, No Students Allowed

Green Parking Areas

Is this Kenyon’s future? (Via imresolt.blogspot.com)

This morning, an anonymous College official disclosed a North Campus parking initiative to The Thrill. The College will impart on an environmentally friendly parking project this June behind Gund Commons, expecting to finish construction by August 2015 — just in time for the start of the next academic year. Continue reading

New Cereal Rack in Peirce



I would generally say that the servery has a slick, modern look to it. The racks gleam, the glass glitters, even the fake marble has a nice sheen. But today that changes, today Peirce went for the rustic look with a new wooden cereal rack. Perhaps this means they’ll be adding more cereals, perhaps the old one just broke, maybe they bought it from the Amish. Who knows why AVI does what it does? As long as they keep churning out food and being great people, we’ll indulge this break in the theme of the servery.

Uphill/Downhill: Parents Weekend

Soon, the Parents will descend upon the campus. This means it’s time for another round of Uphill/Downhill

Uphill: Parents Weekend Without Your Parents — This is the ideal weekend for those of you who don’t have your parents coming. Your friends will invite you out to meals (for free, of course) and all you’ll have to do is act like you don’t know all the terrible things your friend has done so far this semester.  “Yes, Mrs. Smith, I’m continually impressed with how studious Sarah is!” Bingo bango, you’re in the clear! Half an hour later you’ll be able to leave and have the time of your life partying. The real winners this weekend, though? The Amish.

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Do’s and Dont’s Around Prospies and Tour Groups

the shining twins at kenyon

“Welcome to Kenyon. Come play with us.”

The sudden influx of the prospie-parent dynamic duos this week has doubled Gambier’s population and has likely sent your pansy-ass into an original case of culture shock.  And you just got over the Amish invasion. Cool your jets man, we’re here to help. A few tips on prospie/tour group etiquette:

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