Interviewing Animals That Have Been Found in Various Buildings Across Campus

Group of pets posing around a border collie; dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, bird, fish, rodent

Everybody knows that one of the best parts about attending Kenyon is getting back to your roots and connecting with nature. Rolling cornfields, wide open skies, and entire ecosystems of wildlife… some of them living in our very own residence halls! We took the liberty of interviewing some of these critters in hopes of better understanding our very own tree of life.

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Planet Earth Drinking Game


Fall break has come and passed, and we at Kenyon College now return to our regularly scheduled classes. While many students spent the time off visiting home, catching up on sleep, or just vegging out in general, I was hard at work. Late at night, if you were listening intently, you could hear my intermittent cries of “Eureka!” In my laboratory I was devising the perfect way to counter seasonal affective disorder. In a hearty “Huzzah!” of triumph, I finally figured it out. In order to battle the elements which so surreptitiously try to harsh my mellow, I must understand them better. To best nature, I must become one with it.  Continue reading

Apparently, It is Totally Against the Law to Steal the Carcasses of Exotic Animals

Via Wikipedia

Most of us, upon hearing the news of a massive malevolent menagerie on the loose in Zanesville, Ohio were scared halfway to Hell. But not Cambridge, Ohio, residents Richard Weidlich and Brian Matthews, who apparently thought it would be a good idea to take the body of one of the executed lions and PUT IT IN THEIR JEEP CHEROKEE.

I’m sorry, but what? It’s one thing to stumble upon a dead tiger or lion and snap a photo with Hipstamatic and upload it to Facebook, but it’s something else entirely to take this majestic animal, which is probably about the size of a Manning double, and put it in your car. One of the would-be thieves (they were stopped by officers from the Muskingham Country Sheriff’s Office before they could get away) said that they were just “living in the moment.” You know what I do when I’m living in the moment? I buy myself a cookie from MiddleGround or maybe a #29 from the Deli, if the moment seems particularly significant (or livable, or whatever).

Or maybe, like corn hole, this is one game that I wasn’t taught while growing up on the East Coast.

[Read: The Smoking Gun, via Gawker]