10 o’clock list: Annoying Things Your Classmates Say

First of all, I am not trying to offend anyone or call anyone out (but you know who you are). I know you will tear me apart in the comments section below for being a jerk (but I never read your comments anyway because I can’t handle constructive criticism and/or bitchy personal attacks so HA comment away!) but I am just trying to identify some people that we all have to deal with in class. I won’t promise I have never said any of these things, but I try really hard not to be a douchebag in class unless it’s a really long class and I get bored. Here are some common obnoxious classmates:

  1. The I-am-smarter-than-famous-philosophers. Common quote: “I know that Locke was like, really smart and stuff, but I really think I could write a better essay about the state of nature and why the government should protect property and maybe someday a fledgling nation would look to my doctrines to inspire them for their Declaration of Independence.” Look, I know you are smart and you probably have a good grade in the class. But your philosophical works have not been widely read and published yet, nor are you famous, nor is this even a philosophy class, so suck it up that Locke annoys you. He’s famous, he’s allowed to piss people off. Continue reading