The Monday Catchup


The library is already buzzing with anthropomorphic ketchup activity!

Welcome to winter. To ignore my craggy, chapped lips and the bitter cold that kisses them when walking from class to class, I imagine I’m running a marathon in a sweat suit and think about how I would give anything to feel cool—a tactic that can make me feel better for up to a second. Now I try to imagine a situation in which I would feel happy and excited to be back in class after winter break. The only situation that comes to mind is: having a personal masseuse  in each of my classes everyday. This is a pipe dream. However, if you happen to

A) be in one of my classes and

B) consider yourself a masseuse of sorts,

do not hesitate to contact me. I enjoy the tender touch. Well, actually I have a lot of knots in my back because thats where I store all my stress I guess so if you don’t mind airing on the side of muscle ripping with your touch then we are 100% good. Anyway, here’s what you said about break.

“I took a nice soak.”


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