10 O’Clock List: Things We Decorated Our Halloween Apartment With That Just Make Sense

Good evening Kenyon heathens. Sydney and Brooke here, your favorite housemates and worst nightmares. Just kidding. I just thought that might be a good introduction since it’s Halloween. We are both huge fans of the holiday, which is very clear from the decor currently in our apartment. In case you don’t believe us, we’ve compiled this handy list. Take a look if you dare.

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McBride Triple to New Apt: Humble Beginnings

Oh hey. It’s me. That’s right. I am that annoying 3/4 first year who robbed a division III baseball team of their dilapidated New Apt that they insist on calling their “trap house.” The rumors are true. I have never been to Springfest or seen the BFEC, yet I am tearing it up in a dingle room that would’ve belonged to an abroad junior. Ciao bella! I know, I know. You may argue, “she doesn’t deserve it! She needs to do her time in a graffitied prison tower or at least a shoebox single on South Campus.” And let me be the first to say, I hear you, I see you and most importantly, I am also as equally confused as to how I got here. I lived in a McBride Triple. A TRIPLE. Not one, not two, but three bodies coming in and out of a brick chamber where the halls oozed and icked Domino’s grease and cigarette smoke. The common room and the acclaimed sex closet were my neighbors. Let me tell you, those thin walls did not spare me. 

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The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us: Sounding off on Thin Walls

thin walls meme

Let’s talk about thin walls. We have them. No matter where you live on campus (first year housing, fancy suburban housing, bleak Caples housing), you can hear your neighbors through the walls. Now we’re going to hear from a first year (Coral) and senior (Becca) on how thin walls and noisy neighbors affect our (mostly, sex) lives.

Coral: In McBride, thin walls have never worked to anyone’s advantage. Yes, I hear you having sex. Yes, I hear you crying about not having sex. And, wow, yes, shocker, I hear you screaming in the halls about whether ordering pizza at 3 a.m. would be a good idea or not.

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