10 O’Clock List: Things We Decorated Our Halloween Apartment With That Just Make Sense

Good evening Kenyon heathens. Sydney and Brooke here, your favorite housemates and worst nightmares. Just kidding. I just thought that might be a good introduction since it’s Halloween. We are both huge fans of the holiday, which is very clear from the decor currently in our apartment. In case you don’t believe us, we’ve compiled this handy list. Take a look if you dare.

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Here’s how much Kenyon housing would rent for across the U.S.

Ever since Kenyon’s half-remote/half-in-person fall plan was announced, I’ve been fixated on one thing: The real estate value of converted singles around campus.

I’m a disgruntled senior performing arts major so the thought of sophomores paying a bargain price for a massive NCA dingle has been keeping me up at night.

To make myself more upset, I decided to calculate how much this semester’s housing would rent for in cities across America. I’m an HGTV hoe so I felt qualified to do this.

NOTE: Rent estimates are based mostly on crude Zillow averages and something called rentometer.com, and factor in size, location, amenities, what have you. It’s not scientific but I did my best.

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