10 o’clock list: Things You Regret Writing in Your Kenyon Application

Couldn’t have said it better myself. (via diviantart.net)

So, because the people who will most closely relate to this article are Kenyon students, I’m going to go ahead and assume admissions thought your application was A-OK. But I’ll let you in on a secret – just because admissions ate it up doesn’t mean it was great, or even true.

It’s okay. We all have regrets. Care to commiserate? Keep reading.

  1. Your undying love for John Green, Nerdfighter status, or deep, soulful connection with Looking for Alaska. I am not, I repeat, NOT implying that there is anything wrong with John Green. But maybe, just maybe rhapsodizing over him was a little too schmoozy. Especially if, like so many freshpeople, you discovered that almost 7% of this year’s applications talked about the same thing. So much for originality, eh? Continue reading

Do It Now: Apply To Be A Beer and Sex Advisor


Remember those people who taught you how to put on a condom your first year at Kenyon?  They are looking for students to teach next year’s first-years how to do the same thing.  The Beer and Sex program is looking for applications from students who think that they have the potential to be great advisors to their peers.  An advisor works to inform and mentor their first-years on issues related to alcohol/drug use and sex on campus.  Applications will be due March 31st and interviews will happen shortly thereafter.

The full application can be found after the jump.

  • What: Beer and Sex Advisor Applications
  • Where: Allstu or Allstu2 (applications can be emailed to beerandsex@kenyon.edu)
  • When: Applications are due March 31st

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