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That’s right gang! Life is silly, right? But what does a kid like me need to do to make some silliness on this campus? Where can I exploit the absurdity of Kenyon’s culture and construction? What if I want to write about the artists, the musicians, the comedians, and various ears on this campus?

Look no further than The Kenyon Thrill! Kenyon’s ONLY publication. We are Kenyon’s premiere news and entertainment site, and we want YOU (you) to APPLY.

We are particularly interested in those looking to make video content or graphic design, but are always looking for writers!

Apply here!


Write for the Thrill! Apply Today!

Party like a blog star.

Someday we will change this picture. Today is not that day.

Bored over break? Ever wanted to write for a blog? Well now is your chance, because The Thrill is currently accepting applications for new writers! One short application and you, too, have the chance to write for a mildly popular Internet publication! The application deadline is Tuesday, January 20th at 9:00 pm. The application is short and sweet, we promise! Check it out here. Continue reading