Kenyon-Specific Apps We Need Because We Are Lazy and Exhausted


Kenyon is a bizarrely difficult place to be sometimes, and these apps would make our lives just a little bit easier. Scientific computing concentrators! Do you exist? Can you make these for us?

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10 o’clock List: Apps to Download at Kenyon

Which app is right for you?

Which app is right for you?

College students are pretty technologically advanced, and Kenyon’s students are no exception. Many students here have iPhones or other smart phones, and apps seem to rule our lives. While the old grandma in the back of our minds tells us to fight modernity and that we don’t need an app for everything, in actuality some apps can be lifesaving. Here are some apps you may want to consider downloading for your future at Kenyon.

1. Venmno- This app, for those who don’t know already, is a lifesaver. It’s a completely safe banking app that allows you to transfer as much or little money you want to your friends. Group checks at the VI just got so much easier! Continue reading