Inside the Archives: Kenyon Inauguration Memorabilia


Haven’t made it into Olin’s Greenslade Special Collections and Archives to check out their exhibit on Kenyon inaugurations through the years? At this point, with the campus gearing up for Saturday’s festivities, it might be too late to see some of the items as they are pressed into service for the first time in a decade. However, the curators of the exhibit, Nina Whittaker ’16 and Muhammed Asad Hansrod ’17, talked me through the exhibit as I took crappy iPhone photos that are more or less as good as seeing the real thing.

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From the Archives

The Greenslade Special Collections and Archives may be famous for their extensive collection of The Collegian, but it also acts as Kenyon’s very own Cave of Wonders, housing some interesting and strange artifacts of Kenyon’s history. Fifteen minutes wandering through the stacks can lead you to all sorts of majestic goods you never thought someone would think to keep, but you’re sure glad that they did.


As if first-years needed to be more of a target.

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