A Kenyon Klothes Swap Vol. V


Welcome to WWE (stands for Kenyon Klothes Swap) featuring Tyler “Ron “Big Body” Matthews”  Raso and Ellie “Caitlin “Rock Lobster” Martin” Melick. Fortunately we are lovers, not fighters, so instead of competing we gave each other makeovers.

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Weekend Playlist: Pete Davidson


Remember when Pete Davidson came to Kenyon and we all kind of made a vow to spend a week talking about him and only him and then immediately forget that he ever existed? But then this summer, just weeks later, would start (openly) dating pop songstress Ariana Grande and would be the inspiration for the tweet that sent “big dick energy” skyrocketing to the cultural phenomenon it oh-so-briefly was? Yeah that was wild. Here’s a weekend playlist in his honor.

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Overheard at Kenyon: “I do like freedom”

Nirvana-5Nirvana, left, and Ariana Grande, right.

Ariana Fan: “Ariana Grande is the Nirvana of our generation.” [Ed. I invite you to duke it out in the comments].

Confrontational Junior: “Can you please stop sitting next to the professor because your gesticulation is distracting?”

WalMart Pro: “I did all my WalMart Christmas earring shopping last year.”

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